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MP caught dozing in parliament assures Ben Fordham he has good reason

Oh dear.

A New South Wales politician has been busted catching some shut-eye in parliament this afternoon as the Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair was speaking.

“When I say fast asleep, I mean he’s out of it,” Ben Fordham says.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Robert Borsak says he’s “guilty as charged” but assures Ben he’s got a good explanation.

“I’ve probably had about six-and-a-half hours sleep in the last 48 hours. Jet lag.”

Although it looks like Mr Borsak is well and truly asleep, he tells Ben that wasn’t the case.

“I probably looked like I was out completely but I was just dozing. Resting my eyelids as they say.”

He says he has well and truly learned his lesson.

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Niall Blair then called in, telling Ben he isn’t offended but really needs to work on his speech delivery.

“I think I’ve got to either question my speechwriters or I’ve got to question my own delivery,” Mr Blair says.

“Because to put someone to sleep even if they are jet-lagged is not my finest hour.”

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