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Veterans group turns on Chris Kenny over ANZAC Day controversy

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An on-air debate about an ANZAC Day movie controversy has gotten heated this afternoon.

Veterans groups across the country are slamming cinemas for releasing a blockbuster war film a day early to cash in on the ANZAC Day public holiday.

Cinemas will show the new Marvel film entitled Avengers: Infinity War from 10am and many have accused the company of trying to exploit the day for revenue.

Australia Defence Association Executive Director Neil James says it doesn’t sit well.

“I think they’ve probably done it to maximize their returns. Given this is ANZAC Day and given it’s a war film, there’s an element of bad taste involved,” Neil says.

But Chris doesn’t agree, “shouldn’t we just relax a bit and let them release whatever film they like?”

That’s when the heat ramped up, with Neil accusing Chris of trying to drum up a controversy.

Neil, “We’ve just pointed out it’s in bad taste. If you want to have this type of argument why don’t you ring the RSL and have it with them?

Chris, “I’m just after your view Neil, I just don’t think there’s much here to complain about.”

Neil, “You’re obviously trying to generate a controversy so I suggest try the RSL or one of the veterans organisations.”

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Current serviceman Darren weighed in on the issue, saying he’s got no problem with it.

“It’s not a war movie. A war movie is something that describes basically what happened in World War Two, World War One and any of the wars we’ve had since then.

“They’re talking about respect. There’s people who just use the day blatantly to get drunk with their mates and that doesn’t show any respect to the diggers.”

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