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Mother opens up about the struggle plaguing thousands of new parents

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There’s a silent illness affecting new parents across the nation, and Channel Nine newsreader Davina Smith is bravely telling her story to shine a light on it.

One in seven new mothers will experience postnatal depression, with one in 10 dads impacted as well.

Davina was hit by the illness when her daughter Rose was born two years ago.

She tells Deborah Knight that period in her life is like a “black fog” but she was able to emerge from it by asking for the help she desperately needed.

“The numbness turned into guilt and the guilt turned into blame and I thought this was all my fault and Rose would be much better off without me, and that’s where it hit the lowest of lows.”

Davina sought assistance from medical professionals, telling Deborah there is help and treatment available for parents in strife.

“If I could get through it with a very unsettled baby… then you can too. There is hope.

“I look now, at Rose being two-years-old, and there are moments that I wouldn’t trade for the world and I’m so grateful that I got through it because there’s so much happiness to look forward to.”

Deborah is praising her colleague for her courage.

“I think you’re a very brave and gusty woman for speaking out. I know it took a lot for you to do it but it’s going to make a difference to peoples’ lives.”

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You can listen to Deborah Knight and Davina Smith’s podcast ‘Honey Mumshere.

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