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Monopoly gives women more money than men

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A new Monopoly game has been announced which gives female players more money than men.

‘Ms. Monopoly’ the niece of ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’ gives women more money to start the game off with than men.

Women would also collect more money after passing “Go” and instead of real estate properties, players can collect inventions and innovations made possible by women.

But men can also make more money.

If they pick up a card where they watch a new superhero movie with a female lead they will receive double the money of a female player. editor Melissa Shedden tells Ben Fordham the game is highlighting the gender pay gap.

“In the game, the women are getting the head start and I guess you can say in life blokes are getting a head start.

“This monopoly is kind of just flipping the gender script.”

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