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MKR ratings flop: Colin Fassnidge rips into Channel 7’s ‘stupid decision’

Renowned chef Colin Fassnidge has ripped into his own network after Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules plummeted in its first week.

The reality cooking show has seen some of its worst ratings ever, with Tuesday night’s show watched by just 402,000 viewers compared to 789,000 for the same episode last year.

MKR chef and judge Colin Fassnidge tells Chris Smith Channel 7 can be blamed for the lack of viewers.

“This year was the best one we’ve done but not everyone’s watching it, at the moment, cause we’ve got some people in Channel 7 who don’t know how to program a show.

“But what do I know? I’m only a cook!

“A lot of work went into this and then some stupid decisions were made to go up against the tennis and Married, we should have started a week early.”

Within its first few episodes, the show went up against the Australian Open tennis which turned out to be a hit and regular ratings powerhouse Married At First Sight, which attracted 1.15 million viewers for its premiere.

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Image: Getty/ Don Arnold