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Minister says former RSL President is ‘shameful and disgraceful’

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean has slammed former NSW RSL President Don Rowe’s conduct as “shameful and disgraceful”.

An investigation launched into NSW RSL, found Rowe spent over $460,000 of RSL money on a corporate credit card, withdrawing over $200,000 in cash.

Mr Kean tells Alan Jones cronyism and corruption has brought the organisation to “the brink of destruction”

“From where I sit I hope they throw the book at these crooks.

“These people have ripped off the RSL, this is money that was intended to be used to support veterans, veterans who have served this country.

“It’s just disgraceful.”

13 current and former NSW RSL State Councillors have been referred to corporate watchdogs but not to police.

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