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‘I’ve said it a million times’, Michaelia Cash challenges third subpoena over union raids

Jobs Minister Michaelia Cash has come out swinging at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as she declares she’ll challenge the third subpoena issued to her over last year’s union raids.

Ms Cash has been instructed to give evidence before the Federal Court over raids conducted at Australian Workers Union offices in October last year.

When the AWU’s Melbourne and Sydney offices were raided, TV crews were camped outside before police arrived.

It emerged reporters had been tipped-off by a senior advisor for Workplace Minister Michaela Cash, spurring the union to take legal action.

Ms Cash tells Ben Fordham her staff member informed her of his mistake and resigned.

“I have said it a million times, I have said it under questioning in the Senate, in estimates on several occasions.”

Ms Cash has been asked to give evidence over her knowledge of the raids but says she will challenge the third subpoena she’s been issued today, labeling it a Labor “stunt”.

“This is the third subpoena at the AWU’s request, they’ve been saying that they’re going to be doing this for some time now.

“I pose the question, it’s just interesting that they did it during the week that our estimates is occurring in the Senate.”

Ms Cash says there is one main issue here: did the Bill Shorten while secretary of the AWU, donate $100,000 of union members money without the proper authorisation.

‘They have never, ever produced the appropriate documentation, ever.”

Michaelia Cash’s full chat with Ben below. 

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