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Mathias Cormann: Acting PM to focus on energy policy

There are few members of parliament not afraid to join Alan Jones for an interview.

In his most recent trip to Canberra, both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten went silent on invitations to appear on his program.

But one man who won’t shy away is acting Prime Minister, Liberal Senator Mathias Cormann.

“It’s not something you can obviously plan for,” says Senator Cormann.

He tells Alan Prime Minister Turnbull has high standards for his ministers but remains firm the focus should be on supporting Australians.

On Australia’s impending energy crisis, Senator Cormann says he wants access to energy to be reliable.

“Historically for Australia, having access to reliable, cheap energy was a very important part of our economic success.

“The problem is, if we don’t get our energy policy settings straight, we will struggle to attract investment.”

“We want to make sure the policy framework is entirely technology-neutral, that the energy supply to Australians is going to be cheaper into the future, more reliable, more stable.”

Senator Cormann also comments on immigration and increasing welfare numbers.

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