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Match officials under fire again after Roosters bungle

The Bunker has been subjected to another shake-up, with the NRL ditching ex-player Bunker ‘assistants’.

James Willis told Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell the solution is nothing more than “lipstick on a pig” for a broken system.

“To make that decision 18 rounds into a 20-round season … is a recipe for disaster.”

Head of Football Graham Annesley cited “different views in the Bunker” for the denial of Roosters prop Lindsay Collins’ try on Saturday night.

However, multiple bungled decisions from referees throughout the season have been “the black mark on this game to a flawless year”, James argued.

“The refereeing and the officiating is driving people insane.

“Every weekend someone feels dudded.

“I’m getting scared that coming into the finals, this is going to cost a team big time.”

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