Mark Levy tries his first ever turmeric latte… let’s just say it didn’t end well


Turmeric lattes are all the rage these days.

They’ve become a fixture in hipster cafes but Mark Levy didn’t even know they existed until he saw Sky News reporter Greg Thomson mention his love for the drink live on air.

“What the hell is a turmeric latte?” Mark asks.

“I think of turmeric I go to an Indian restaurant. I don’t have it in my coffee!”

Greg called in to defend himself, saying a trip to the Sky News cafeteria has opened his eyes to a brand new world.

“It is absolutely brilliant, it’ll change your life!”

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Mark has decided to bite the bullet in the spirit of radio and try the new-age drink.

And it didn’t end so well…

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“Um… no thanks,” was his first reaction.

“Really? People drink that instead of coffee?

“No, that’s not for me.

“What’d you say, it’s good for the gut? You might find out in a minute if you get any closer with the camera!”

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