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Mark Latham slams Greens plan to ban sale of petrol cars

The Greens are proposing a ban on the sale of petrol cars by 2030 and Mark Latham isn’t having a bar of it.

The proposal would also see GST and import tariffs scrapped from the sale of electric cars.

Mark tells Ben Fordham the “ridiculous” policy makes no sense.

“It’s another police state policy, isn’t it?

“Who would pay the compensation for all the petrol stations that have got to be closed down? Who would pay the money to put the charging stations in for electric cars?

“Peter Walsh once said that for the Greens economic policy is like fairies at the bottom of the garden.”

The former Labor leader also weighed in on Bill Shorten’s newly announced tax which will hit the hip pockets of pensioners.

“Shorten has now adopted a policy of confiscation. You’re going to confiscate the refund for a lot of old aged pensioners… and these are people who’ve had these arrangements in place for up to 18 years.

“It’s a retrospective policy change and an absolute shocker.”

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