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Mark Latham rubbishes claims Clive Palmer could become ‘kingmaker’

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Mark Latham has criticised polls suggesting Clive Palmer could be returned to parliament.

A new Newspoll shows Palmer’s United Australia Party holds up to 14 per cent of the primary vote in key marginal seats.

Some commentators are suggesting the controversial billionaire could become the ‘kingmaker’ in those seats, with his preference deals deciding who wins.

But One Nation MP Mark Latham says he thinks it’s unlikely Palmer will make a return to parliament.

“People would be foolhardy to react heavily to just one poll, and I think it’s unlikely that in the past three months there’s been a six per cent swing to Clive Palmer in the marginal seat of Herbert.

“Let’s just take these polls with a grain of salt.”

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Ben Fordham thinks the possibility of Clive Palmer returning to parliament is further evidence Australia needs non-compulsory voting.

“Scrap compulsory voting, and that way you reduce the number of people getting involved just because they’re forced to.”

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