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Mark Latham defends Meryl Streep’s ‘toxic masculinity’ comments

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Mark Latham has come out in support of Meryl Streep, who was attacked online for saying the use of the term ‘toxic masculinity’ hurts boys.

Meryl Streep was called out online when she said we should be talking generally about “toxic people” instead of just men.

But Mark Latham is defending her comments, telling Ben Fordham she’s 100 per cent correct.

“This whole gender focus has been so divisive in our society. What’s wrong with just treating people as a fellow human being and judging them on their individual merit?

“There’s no evidence at all to say that only men are the problem. It crosses all genders.

“Let’s get a grip on the facts here instead of taking one half of society and saying every boy, every man is toxic.

“That is just unrepresentative, untrue, and it does alienate a lot of men and boys.”

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