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Mark Latham: Barnaby Joyce ‘is a goner’

Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham if Barnaby Joyce doesn’t resign then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should sack him.

Mark says the issue is the misuse of public money.

“He’s got multiple problems here; inside his own party, inside the parliament and in terms of public opinion and the misuse of public money.

“If he’d kept this totally private, no use of public money [and] no public jobs involved, most sensible people would be saying it’s a private matter within the Joyce family but as soon as it spilled over into the misuse of public money I say he’s a goner.

“I don’t think our political leaders are unusual in that 40% of marriages don’t survive in Australia these days.

“It really does come down to the misuse of public money. If he hasn’t resigned then Malcolm Turnbull should sack him.”

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