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Malcolm’s big mistake

Barnaby Joyce has indicated he won’t resign from the leadership of the National Party.

And on Tuesday, Mark Latham took the long handle to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“Anyone who seeks to regulate sex between consenting adults is not someone who believes in individual freedom.

“Turnbull has outed himself as a nanny state Liberal, a puritanical control freak whose need to regulate the behaviour of others now extends to the bedrooms of his government.”

He joins Alan Jones.

“He’s missed the obvious point… about the issues of taxpayer funds.

“Instead Turnbull has taken us back to the Victorian era. It’s all about the morality, who’s sleeping with whom.

“The way in which he lambasted Barnaby Joyce on [last] Thursday was a massive mistake because there’s no doubt Turnbull knows a fair about what’s happened behind the scenes.

“Malcolm Turnbull has legitimised all of the worst aspects of journalism that seek to peer through the bedroom window.”

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