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Making ends meet getting even tougher in Sydney

We know making ends meet in Sydney is tough and new figures have revealed why.

New research has revealed for most of last year the rate of full-time wages growth has fallen below the level of inflation.

This means the value of the money going into your pocket rose at a slower rate than the cost of everything on the supermarket shelves.

Nicki Hutley, macroeconomist at Deloitte Access Economics, tells Ben Fordham the picture isn’t as bleak as it seems.

“If we just look at those figures from the last year…the price of an average basket of goods for the average person has risen much faster than their wage has.

“Most people understand aspects of their household bills have gone up very, very fast… but perhaps [it’s] not quite as bad as some of the figures might suggest.

“We’re seeing the jobs picture get better but it’s going to take another 12 months before we start seeing that come into your wages packet.”

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