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‘Luke, you can’t fob this issue off’: Ben calls on Labor leader to front up to Medich money mess

Four months ago, NSW Labor leader Luke Foley promised Ben Fordham donations from convicted murderer Ron Medich would be refunded.

Between 2003 and 2010, the NSW Labor Party received $260,000 in donations from Medich Property Group, a company owned by Medich.

When the donations were uncovered in 2010, the Opposition agreed to hand back the money if Medich was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of Michael McGurk.

Medich was found guilty of murder this year and Opposition leader Luke Foley promised the donations would be refunded in full and paid to charity.

“I won’t have the Labor Party keep a murderer’s money,” Mr Foley said.

“I’ve made it clear as the Labor leader that the sum of this bloke’s donations is to be paid to charity.”

The money still hasn’t been refunded and the Daily Telegraph reports some Labor MPs are furious over suggestions they may have to dig into their own pockets to clean up the mess.

Ben Fordham is calling on Mr Foley to front up and explain the situation.

“Luke, you can’t fob this issue off.

“You’re going to have to deal with it.

“You can’t go flick-passing this now to head office saying speak to ALP HQ. It was your call, Luke!”

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Senior NSW Liberal minister Anthony Roberts tells Ben Fordham the “taxpayer will pay for their failure”.

“Effectively now, you have Head Office now putting the clamps on taxpayer-funded MPs to pay for money that they took from a murderer.

“It’s disgraceful, but again… it was always going to end in tears when Luke Foley decided to go against Sussex Street.”

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