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Love potatoes? You could own the most famous one in Australia

Michael McLaren

There no doubt us Aussies love big things.

We’ve got big bananas, big pineapples and big shrimps just to name a few.

And now you’ve got the chance own your very own.

The Big Potato, the giant spud on the Illawarra Highway at Roberston, is on the market.

But the going price is $940,000.

Heather and Neil Tait bought the Big Potato just over five years ago after owning the neighbouring supermarket for 27 years. The decision came about to save the property from developers who wanted to turn the land next door into a competing supermarket.

“It would’ve been the demise of the Big Potato. The demise of our business, and possibly the demise of the town as we know it.

“It’s a mighty fine landmark let me tell you.

“I’ve often thought they should wheel behind the Big Marino…”

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