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Liberal MP says energy policy is ‘sheer madness’

Australia’s electricity prices are crippling households and businesses nationwide.

Before the Renewable Energy Target was introduced in 2008, Australian electricity prices were on par with those in the US.

Since then, Australian electricity prices have increased by over 100% whilst US prices have been falling.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly tells Alan Jones the current energy policy is “sheer madness”.

“We have to be competitive against the USA. We have a lot of natural competitive advantages in Australia, energy used to be one of them.

“If we have electricity costs that are not only double but triple… [those] in US states, we have lost our nation’s competitive advantage.”

Mr Kelly also criticises the “anti-coal rhetoric” in Canberra.

“This policy is sheer madness. We’ve got this anti-coal rhetoric that’s taking hold.

“We can fix this problem. We simply have to get more baseload dispatchable power…into the system.”

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