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Liberal MP Craig Kelly takes stand against rise in compulsory super

Coalition backbenchers are pushing to delay the plan to lift the superannuation rate from 9.5 per cent to 12 per cent over five years, due to the effects of the pandemic downturn.

They say small businesses will not be able to afford the legislated superannuation increase, which is set to begin with a 0.5 per cent rise next July.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly told Ben Fordham there should be an individual choice.

“Would it be better that you have that money as a pay increase rather than a compulsory amount taken out of your wage?

“Labor and the Greens seem to think this money just grows on trees or comes down from heaven. You have to earn it, it’s your money.

“Why should the government forcibly take it off you and put it into a superannuation account?”

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