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Liberal frontbencher says ‘trend is good’, backs PM despite Newspoll result

Liberal frontbencher Mitch Fifield has backed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, telling Ben Fordham the ‘trend is good’ despite 30 consecutive Newspoll losses.

Mr Fifield says he doesn’t regret putting his support behind Mr Turnbull for the top job in 2015.

“We wanted to be competitive, we wanted to make sure that we could keep Bill Shorten out of office and we succeeded.

“Every election outing that Malcolm has led us on, we’ve won.”

Despite the Prime Minister’s recent hit in the polls, Mr Fifield insists the “trend is good”.

“52 (to) 48. That’s not a bad spot for a government that’s mid-term. John Howard was often in a place way beyond that.

“When we’re dealing with real elections, with real voters…. they’re choosing us.”

As Communications Minister, Mr Fifield also commented on the government’s move to ban betting on online Keno and lotto games.

“My brief is to make sure that online gambling activity is of a form that the community accepts.

“I’m not comfortable with a bet being placed on a bet. It’s also not good for pubs and clubs.”

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