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Labor policy ‘open slather’ for Islamic asylum seekers

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Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has given people smugglers the green light. 

Labor’s proposed immigration policy will not punish asylum seekers and will keep them in detention for no more than 90 days.

“They are globalists, they believe there are no borders,” says Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean.

“If he (Bill Shorten) does win the next election, Australians can look forward immediately to an increase in asylum seekers coming in.

“What happens after that 90 days? Of course, they’re coming to Australia anyway.”

Another drafted policy says asylum seekers who are LGBTI+ will gain immediate access to Australia.

“That means any Islam county.  That is open slather for anyone from any Islamic country to walk into Australia the day Bill Shorten is elected… and you’re straight in.

“They’ll be so many gays and lesbians pouring out of the hell holes of the Middle East.”

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