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Labor MP refuses to back Bill Shorten’s ‘captain’s call’ in painfully awkward interview

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In possibly the most awkward interview of all time, a Tasmanian Labor MP has dodged at least a dozen questions on Bill Shorten’s “captain’s call” to slash business tax cuts.

During a radio interview with Tasmania’s 7AD host Brian Carlton, Labor member Ross Hart refused to support his leader’s decision to axe legislated tax rates for small and medium businesses.

Brian wasn’t backing down on the MP’s deflection, repeatedly asking whether he backed Bill Shorten’s call.

Ross: “Let’s have a conversation about that another time.”

Brian: “No, let’s talk about it now Ross because it’s absolutely crucial. Do you back your leader or not, Ross?”

Ross: “He’s the leader of the party. He has announced this.”

The Labor MP referred to the Opposition leader’s move as a “captain’s call”, conceding the party hadn’t been consulted.

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Brian tells Ben Fordham he was surprised when the Labor MP called into his Tasmania Talks program, saying it was “unusual” for a federal member to put themselves forward in the current climate.

“It was painfully obvious that two things he confirmed. First up, it had not gone through Shadow Cabinet. Secondly, the caucus had not had a chance to vote on it,” he says.

“You got a sense that the party members had been locked out of the decision-making process entirely.”

Ben says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be lapping up the Labor leader’s latest blunder which will see businesses with a turnover between $10-$50 million worse off.

“This is a big up-yours to the business community from Bill Shorten.

“Malcolm Turnbull must be cheering because Bill Shorten has kicked an own goal.”

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