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Known drug dealers shifted out of inner city public housing

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Sydney’s most notorious public housing spots will be cleansed, with known drug dealers to be moved into alternative accommodation.

The Daily Telegraph reveals suspected and convicted dealers will be banned from drug-riddled buildings in Surry Hills, Redfern Waterloo and Glebe.

The towers are a “honeypot” for drug activity, with the state government planning to disperse the problem.

Speaking with Alan, Social Housing Minister Pru Goward insists they aren’t just shifting drugs dealers to western Sydney.

“Anybody applying to come into the inner city housing is screened and if the screening demonstrates they’ve got a history of drug offences, then they will not be allowed into these particular sites which we know have become honeypots for drug dealing.

Alan, “Does the opposition have a case here when they say this is exporting the problem elsewhere?”

“No of course not. These particular sites that we’re targeting are actually honeypots already so what we’re trying to do is to break those down.

“If you apply to live in western Sydney… then you are not caught up in this. It’s only when you apply to live in the inner city that this screening occurs.”

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Image: Google Streetview & The Daily Telegraph