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Kevin Rudd blasts Labor’s ‘faceless men’, calls on faction ban

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Former prime minister Kevin Rudd is calling for factions on both sides of policies to be abolished, while blasting the “faceless men” who marked the end of his prime ministership.

Victorian Labor figure and right faction warlord Adem Somyurek was sacked after branch stacking allegations came to light in a 60 Minutes and The Age investigation.

Now, a report has accused seven Labor party officials in NSW of “unworthy conduct”.

Mr Rudd told Ben Fordham “faceless men” destroyed his political career.

“They come from factions. I think they’re a cancer on democracy. They need to be rooted out of both parties.

“They are usually talentless individuals, in terms of ideas for the country.

“I have a simple proposal about all groups in Australian politics, which is that factions should be banned.”

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Image: Getty/Michael Gottschalk