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Jono Coleman bravely reveals private health battle

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This time last year, Macquarie Radio personality and TV funnyman Jonathan Coleman was hit with news that made his body turn cold.

It was a Friday afternoon when Jono’s specialist looked him in the eye and said, “I’d say you’ve got prostate cancer”.

The beloved presenter tells Steve Price, in that moment, his entire body went cold.

“Your life sort of flashes before your eyes.

“I had a cold chill through my body and then I suddenly snapped out of it and said, ‘right what do we do, what do I need to do?'”

Jono’s cancer had already started to spread to his lymph nodes and bones. He needed to start aggressive treatment immediately.

But that night, armed with a prostate cancer diagnosis, Jono had a radio show to do. And he wasn’t going to let the disease slow him down.

“I did the whole chemo thing whilst also doing Studio 10 every day and doing my radio show for Macquarie every night. I just decided I wanted to… continue as normal.

“That’s my defence mechanism, being a positive and happy person.”

Alan Jones with Jono Coleman

Jono has now finished six months of intensive treatment and is urging men across the nation to get a digital examination, not just a blood test.

“My message, I guess, to people and men all over Australia is ‘get yourself checked’. If you’re not happy with just the PSA test or the blood test, say I want a digital examination.”

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