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John Alexander slams parliamentary rorting claims

Liberal candidate John Alexander speaks out in one of his only interviews ahead of Saturday’s crucial Bennelong by-election.

Labor candidate Kristina Keneally was also invited on the program but declined, saying she was too busy with pre-polling.

Tomorrow’s vote is crucial for the government. A loss would end its majority in the lower house and inflict a critical blow to Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership.

Talking with Chris Smith, Mr Alexander began by responding to a frontpage newspaper story claiming he hasn’t declared rental income from his $1,400 per day country estate.

“I’ve done precisely what was required in disclosure, with the assistance of the clerk of the house. There’s no requirement to disclose rent.

“As Anthony Albanese or Tanya Plibersek or half of the front bench of the opposition and many of the backbenchers… you have to disclose, just exactly the same as shares.

“If you buy BHP shares you’ve got to say you bought BHP shares, you don’t have to say how much and you don’t have to say what dividends you may receive.

As for the timing of the story.

“It’s strategically targeted, otherwise every other member of parliament who has complied with disclosure as I have would have been mentioned, but that wasn’t the case, so it’s strategically targeted.

Neither candidate lives in the electorate, but Mr Alexander has defended his position.

“I did buy a house here. I did live in that house for some seven years. I took the chance, like many do at my age, of downsizing so I’m looking for a nice little apartment there.”

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