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Jim Molan: US is making a ‘mistake’ by withdrawing from Syria

Liberal senator Jim Molan says America is making a “mistake” by withdrawing its troops from Syria.

President Donald Trump has ordered a full withdrawal of the US military from Syria, declaring they have defeated Islamic State.

He says they have succeeded in their mission and aren’t needed in the country any more.

“They’re all coming back and they’re coming back now. We’ve won,” President Trump said on Wednesday.

But Liberal senator and retired major general Jim Molan says America is making a “mistake”.

“This is the kind of mistake of the caliber that President Obama consistently made in international relations.

“It is an appalling decision. Not just for Syria, not just for the Kurds, not just for the Middle-East region but for Australia and US allies.”

Senator Molan says he’s “never been a proponent of going into Syria” but “once you go in…you have a responsibility to those that you collected around you.”

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