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Calls for increase in defence spending following US military decline

Newly declared senator Jim Molan tells Chris Kenny Australia should be more “independently minded” considering the current environment in America.

“In the last year or so, statements by officials indicate Americans themselves are deeply worried about the relative decline of their own military.”

Mr Molan has called for the government to reconsider the amount spent on defence which currently sits at 2% of GDP.

“The world is changing. Uncertainty is increasing at a rate which is exponential.

“If [America’s] relative power has decreased then surely we should really question whether 2% is still the appropriate number.”

He says the work being done to expand defence resources is encouraging but progress is too slow.

“The $200 billion which this government has put into defence capability is very good.

“We’re building ships as fast as we can but from a strategic point of view it’s very slow.”

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