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It’s so far, so good for this great Australian author

A political commentator, author, historian and academic, Professor Ross Fitzgerald wears many hats.

He’s written 40 books, but his newest satirical co-creation is unlike the others.

Entitled So Far, So Good, the book follows the eccentric Dr Grafton Everest’s journey to London and New York.

The “hapless” Dr Everest is sure to come across some comedic encounters but Professor Fitzgerald has his own story that has Alan Jones in stitches.

On Sydney’s north shore, he was approached by a middle-aged couple.

“The lady spoke to me and said, ‘Excuse me, are you Professor Ross Fitzgerald?’

“She said, ‘It must be so terrible having someone with the same name as you that writes those dreadfully obscene novels’.”

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You can buy a copy of So Far, So Good here or attend the book’s launch on May 10 at the Avid Reader bookshop in Brisbane.