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‘It’s lunacy’: Luke Grant slams Australia’s ‘stupid’ and ‘ hypocritical’ nuclear energy stance

Luke Grant
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Scott Morrison would overturn the national ban on constructing nuclear reactors if it would generate downward pressure on prices.

Though dedicated to doing “ whatever it takes” to facilitate lower power bills for energy consumers,  the Prime Minister warned against pursuing nuclear, saying the investment case for a reactor didn’t stack up.

But Luke Grant doesn’t agree, calling Australia’s moratorium on nuclear energy “completely stupid.”

“Australia has been entirely hypocritical on the nuclear front in my view,” says Luke.

“We’ve got the second richest uranium deposit in the world. We’re the world’s third largest exporter of uranium. In 2016, Australia exported uranium worth more then $900 million to other places around the world.”

“But did we use much of it here? Nope.”

“We don’t even have a serious conversation on it. We just export 500 tonnes a year to China and 3,500 to European Union countries and stick with the ban here.”

“It’s lunacy.”

Daniel Zavattiero, Executive Director of Uranium at the Minerals Council of Australia, says nuclear should be considered as part of our future energy mix.

“It’s effectively zero emissions,” he tells Luke Grant.

“And in the long term, it’s something that could be very applicable in Australia. That was one of the findings of the Royal Commission. The ban should be removed because we don’t know what the future looks like beyond 2030.  It should be something in the suite of options with respect to Australia’s energy future.”

“It really is time in 2018 that we open ourselves up to that by removing the prohibition.”


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Luke Grant