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‘It’s insidious’: QLD uni students marked down for using gendered language

Luke Grant

University of Queensland students are reportedly losing marks for using “gendered language” in their assignments.

In the latest politically correct move to sweep through the tertiary sector, academics are docking marks for words such as “mankind” and “sportsmanship.”

These words have been denounced as misogynistic, with students told to opt for more “gender inclusive language.”

Mark Latham has slammed the move.

“I think the average Australian would find this to be madness,” he says.

“There is a real attempt here through political correctness, which is language control, to try and convince young people that they can be gender neutral or gender confused. It’s an attempt to cultivate social discontent, where young people will feel anxious and confused about their gender identity.”

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has condemned the infiltration of this “nanny state stuff” into universities.

But Latham says words are not enough.

“This bloke is a toothless tiger.”

“He is occupying the minister’s office but is not exercising any ministerial power. Universities ignore him, because they know he’s not carrying a big stick”

Latham recommends linking university funding to the proportion of students who gain employment from their course. This would potentially force tutors to focus on work-based skills and eliminate politicised propaganda from courses.

“That would smarten them up,” he says.

Luke Grant