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‘It’s got to stop!’: Lecturer advises students on murder

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“What’s going on with our universities could only be described as pure craziness,” says Chris Smith.

Students are being punished with bad grades for not adhering to their lecturer’s ideology of what is politically correct.

Some lecturers are even pulling ridiculous stunts such as bring in their dogs to teach students about white privilege, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Students are also being encouraged to ditch the correct terms for genitalia and instead use words like ‘joystick’, ‘vajayjay’ and ‘hot dog’.

Even worse is The University of Sydney lecturer Fiona Martin who told her class of 18-year-old students “if you’re planning to commit suicide or murder one of your lecturers” to use search engines that can’t be traced.

“Is this seriously what our students are being taught?” Chris says.

“It’s got to stop!”

Author and Australian Catholic University senior research fellow Dr Kevin Donnelly tells Chris Smith “it’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland”.

“Falling down the rabbit hole and suddenly you’re peering in a world where…. words no longer meant what we thought they meant.

“It really is bizarre but also very dangerous.

“Students can be marked down, they can even fail, if they haven’t reproduced what’s politically correct, what the lecturer or tutor wants in terms of how they’re indoctrinating these young people.”

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