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‘It’s better to travel west than east’: Avoid the worst part of travelling

It is an often unavoidable consequence of travel – the dreaded jet lag.

Jet lag is a type of fatigue caused by travelling across different time zones, with many first describing it as being the equivalent of a hang-over.

Dr Bruce Willett, Chair of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in Queensland, tells Chris Smith even a few hours of travel “like going to Perth, is certainly enough for some people to cause jet lag”.

Dr Willett says “every cell in your body… keeps its own time” and the reason we experience jet lag is that our internal clock gets thrown out of whack due to the change in our daylight hours.

If you want to minimise your chances of getting jet lag “it’s better to travel west than east… so you’re extending your period of light,” Dr Willet tells Chris.

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