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‘It’s a bloody good message’: Senator Jim Molan defends ‘sickly’ ADF video

Deborah Knight

Liberal Senator Jim Molan is defending a video made by the Australian War Memorial that’s been slammed as “cringe-worthy”.

The video, called ‘On The Left’, aims to stop female veterans being challenged when they wear their hard-earned medals on their left breast.

The women can be heard singing, “I wear my medals, I wear my medals on the left”.

The video has been criticised as “cringe-worthy” by some veterans and social media groups.

Senator and retired Major General Jim Molan concedes the video is “sweet and sickly”.

But he tells Deborah Knight the message is “rock solid”.

“The market is young people and young women in particular, and to stand up for those young women that we’ve got in the military.”

Those who earn their medals wear them on the left, whereas family members of veterans should place the medals on their right breast.

“The point of this is saying that some people… still haven’t woken up to the fact that a relatively large proportion of the [Australian Defence Force]… are women,” Senator Molan says.

“It’s sweet and sickly but it’s a bloody good message.”

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