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Bob Katter approves Anning’s company tax cut dissent

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One Nation defector Fraser Anning has clashed opinions with new boss Bob Katter on his first day in the job.

The Queensland senator, who moved to Katter’s Australian Party this week, has vowed to support the Coalition’s company tax cuts.

This is at odds with Katter’s well-vocalised opposition to the policy, which he says will only benefit “spivs, dilettantes and boardroom mannequins.”

Despite the deviation in opinion, Mr Katter says Anning is entitled to go against the party line.

“The last thing I would want to do is impose the ironclad on someone. Let every person represent the beliefs and concerns of his electorate,” he tells Luke Grant.

“(Anything else) is primitive, that’s the only word I can use.”

“It’d be the death of democracy.”

Katter went a step further in supporting Anning’s dissent, conceding the argument for the cuts is convincing.

“They have valid arguments. I can most certainly understand Anning going the other way.”

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