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‘It nearly turned his microphone off forever’: 2GB host’s brush with death

Host of 2GB’s weekend overnights program, Mike Williams, returns to the airwaves tonight after a terrifying health scare.

For the last few months, Mike has been recovering from a downturn in his health that “nearly turned his microphone off forever,” says Ben Fordham.

Earlier this year, following his regular Sunday shift, Mike suffered a hypoxia heart event where the heart doesn’t receive enough oxygen to function.

“For Mike, his heart stopped completely… he didn’t breathe for 34 minutes… things were bleak,” says Ben.

Joining Ben in the studio, Mike says he had no warning whatsoever, saying “I cooked the BBQ, brought the meal in… and I just fell over”.

“I was lucky, the doctors are saying it’s a miracle… most people my age just don’t make it.

“They brought my wife in… to what they call ‘the room’… to say look it’s not really good, so what do you want to do? Do you want us to just continue doing what we’re doing, or would you like to just call it a day?’

“She was beside herself.

“She just went through this incredible time and looked after me,” Mike tells Ben.

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