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‘It leaves you speechless’: Conrad Sewell flaws Alan Jones with outstanding performance

Aussie star Conrad Sewell has blown Alan Jones away with an amazing in studio performance of his new single Life.

When Alan first heard Conrad Sewell sing, he says he “couldn’t believe” what he heard.

So he invited Conrad to his studio to perform live, and he certainly wasn’t disappointed.

“What did Paul Keating say? When you hear the sublime, it leaves you speechless,” says Alan.

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The hugely popular Aussie singer first saw success with his hit single Start Again in 2015.

But he opens up to Alan, telling him his newfound fame led him down a dark path.

“I saw success coming at me for the first time and I don’t know why… but I started to self-sabotage.

“It was like I’d been working for it my whole life and I guess I thought drinking and ruining it would give me a reason, if it didn’t really go all the way, to say ‘oh, that’s why I didn’t get there.’

“LA is a crazy place and I was over there by myself at the time. I just got caught up with the wrong people I think.

“Everything was coming at me all at once and I’m not very good at saying no.”

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