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‘It is virtue signalling’: Cory Bernardi slams Coalition’s ‘green imitation’ on NEG

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Some members of the Coalition backbench are reportedly in a continued state of revolt, as they charge ahead with a counter-campaign to delegitimise the National Energy Guarantee.   

In a sure sign a potential floor cross is worrying those in high places, the Prime Minister yesterday conducted a second round of crisis talks with four of the ten MP’s who have reserved the right to cross the floor.

Senator Cory Bernardi finds this dissidence hardly surprising, arguing the Coalition’s signature energy policy, which vows to reduce emissions by 26%, is renewable energy ideology on steroids.

It’s more tantamount to Green energy policy, then a conservative document set on creating downward power bill pressure. In a policy trilemma juggling reliability, prices and emissions, prices will always be the loser.

“Mother Nature will not notice the difference. Even if Australia said we aren’t going to emit anymore carbon dioxide for the rest of existence, it wouldn’t change the temperature. Not one jot,” says Bernardi.

“What this is is a legislated attempt to ingratiate Australian leaders to the UN. It’s not a National Energy Guarantee as much as it’s a National Emission Guarantee. The only ones who are going to benefit are those who want to strut the international stage and be applauded for their contribution to a global dilemma.”

“Meanwhile, we’re making it more expensive for every family, business and pensioner to turn on their lights.”

“It is virtue-signalling. It is not technology agnostic or neutral.”

“It’s all about legislating for the appeasement of the Paris Climate Accord.”

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