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Is this the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

 In a celebration of the art of joke telling, comedian Shane Jacobson has rounded up 30 of his best mates to tell their best jokes for his latest film, That’s Not My Dog!

Playing himself, the movie centres around a BBQ at Shane’s place and the instructions are simple.

Don’t bring a plate, just the funniest joke you’ve ever heard.

Filmed in one location, Shane says, “Every joke you see told, they told it once. We didn’t get them to redo it.”

“You see it raw.”

He tells Chris Smith joke telling is a dying art form which “just doesn’t happen now”.

“I wanna bring it back.”

“Everyone says, ‘this is hilarious, have you watched this?’ and someone hands someone their phone, then the phone gets handed around the table and gets put back in the pocket.”

He also shares the film is a gift to his father, who features in it.

“It’s a bit of a thank you to him to be honest, ‘cos he was the one that taught me how to tell a joke.”

As for the best joke ever?

Watch the video below to find out

Listen to the full interview below

That’s Not My Dog! is showing right around Australia March 15-18