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Is it wrong to discipline other people’s kids?

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On vacation with his family in Queensland last week, Ben Fordham experienced a very common situation.

Walking into the reception area of his hotel, Ben saw a young boy causing a commotion with his mum.

As Ben got closer, the boy “belted” his mother on her arm.

It prompted the question, is it okay to discipline other people’s kids?

“I had this brief moment where I thought no one can see me or hear what I’m about to say to this kid, so I’m going to give him a piece of my mind,” says Ben.

“I think what I said is, don’t hit your mum you little terrorist.”

The boy then looked up at Ben, frightened.

“He probably should’ve been frightened because I was some weirdo stranger.”

After Ben’s comment, the boy’s younger brother gave him up and said, “he hit my sister earlier too!”

When Ben relayed what happened to his wife Jodie, she didn’t quite agree with his actions.

“When I said it to Jodie, she said you shouldn’t be saying that to other people’s kids because you’ll find yourself in trouble.”

What would you do this situation?

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