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‘I’m all for it’: Minister pushes for major supermarkets to add milk levy immediately

The NSW Primary Industries Minister says major supermarkets should immediately move to add a 10 cent drought levy to the price of milk, to support our farmers struggling with drought and soaring fodder costs.

The Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation (QDO) is pushing for the likes of Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to up the price of a litre of milk.

Speaking to Ben Fordham this week, the dairy industry group’s president Brian Tessmann said it’ll “never happen if nobody takes the first step”.

The major supermarkets haven’t made clear commitment to implementing a levy and are staying hum on any details.

The state’s Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair tells Ben Fordham it’s time for the powerful supermarkets to act.

“A lot of them are getting in behind the drought and trying to raise money,” he says.

“I guess they could just make this change right now and not try and say they’re doing one thing to help our farmers and yet have this policy on the other side.

“And that goes for the processors as well.”

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He says if adding a levy to the price of milk raises awareness and “gets more money back to the farm gate” then he’s “all for it”.

You can sign the petition to get a 10 cent levy on the price of milk HERE.