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Ikea set for a multi-channel transformation to increase market share

Ikea has a huge brand presence in Australia, but the problem for the home furnishings giant is it’s not in enough places to capture the market share.

Well, all that is set to change with a radical plan from new Ikea Australia boss, Jan Gardberg.

The plan will see cheaper products available in smaller stores and a significant online presence with a wider range.

Ross Greenwood speaks with Mr Gardberg.

Mr Gardberg tells Ross he believes there is room to open more stores across the country.

“For the future, I believe there are an additional five or six stores we can implement here in Australia.”

“The biggest focus is to offer online services, to truly do a multi-channel transformation for the next five years.

Another aspect of the radical new plan is home solar panels.

“I and the team would like to find a way to introduce that to the Australian market.

“It would actually be cost-neutral because we believe this to be another positive way that we, as a big company, can contribute for the sustainable life at home for the many people in Australia.”

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