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‘I’d like to think that didn’t take place’: Deputy PM responds to abortion claims

The Deputy Prime Minister is keen to talk about the situation facing drought-stricken farmers in New South Wales, not dwell on allegations made towards his National Party.

In last night’s paid TV interview with Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion, it was claimed “conservative” people within the parliament pressured Vikki into having an abortion.

When Ben Fordham asks if the Nationals leader has investigated the claim, Mr McCormack says he hasn’t.

“I haven’t.

“I’d like to think that didn’t take place.”

Mr McCormack says the couple either need to name the “alleged” person or take it up with the individual themselves.

The deputy PM has been touring regional NSW communities today, saying constituents aren’t focusing on Mr Joyce.

“They’re not talking to me about the Barnaby situation they are talking to me about the drought.”

McCormack and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sat with numerous farmers and families today to talk about how the current dry spell was affecting livelihoods.

“We can’t make it rain… but we can certainly listen and we can act upon what we hear from those farmers.”

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