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‘I don’t believe they can come back’: The Big Guns weigh in on the Coalition’s Newspoll woes

The Liberal leadership saga has continued to plague the Coalition, with the latest Newspoll results spelling more bad news.

The Liberal government is on track for an election wipeout, with Labor leading after preferences 56 to 44.

It’s their 40th straight Newspoll loss but it isn’t all bad news for Scott Morrison.

He leads Bill Shorten as the preferred prime minister.

But one half of the Big Guns, Andrew Bolt, says the preferred PM poll is a “pointless” measure for the nation’s new leader.

“In the end, it’s whether or not people will vote for your party.

“That’s how elections are decided. It’s nice for him but it’s pointless for the Liberals.”

Andrew says the government can only view this Newspoll as a “bad result”.

The other half of the Big Guns, Graham Richardson, agrees the result was “awful” but says was “not unexpected”.

He says voters haven’t forgotten “that dreadful week” of leadership chaos and it will cost them at the next election.

“I think a lot of people have simply given up on them. I do not believe they can come back and win an election.

“They’re seeing out these last six months and trying to save as much furniture as they can.”

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