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‘I can’t let that stand’: Jim Molan denies claims he’s ‘dishonourable’

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Jim Molan says he is “very disappointed” by explosive claims made by Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman insisting he acted dishonourably during the election campaign. 

The former party president Mr Zimmerman said Senator Molan led a below-the-line campaign which was “dishonourable” because it “showed no respect for the democratic process”.

Reports suggest senior figures in the party are looking at introducing rules to disqualify candidates who lead their own campaign.

But Senator Molan maintains he didn’t go rogue.

He tells Chris Smith he is “in discussion” with Mr Zimmerman.

“We don’t need a fight on this issue.

“I was very disappointed in what Trent said about that.

“I can’t let that stand.”

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Chris says all conversations about voting for the retired major general were promoted by himself and his listeners.

“The voting public is entitled to vote below the line and they have every right to be told how to do that if they ask.

“No one is more deserving than Jim to be in parliament.

“Is the order of Australia dishonourable? Is the Legion of Merit dishonourable? Is the Distinguished Service Cross dishonourable? Someone give the bloke a dictionary, please.”

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