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Hundreds of farmers protest more restrictions to land clearing rights

Farmers have stormed the steps of Queensland Parliament today, protesting new laws restricting their rights to clear their land.

The proposed legislation would further limit what plants and vegetation farmers can clear on their own property.

Grazier Josie Angus is one of the hundreds of people who protested at the steps of parliament today.

She tells Ben Fordham the “burden is being placed solely on farmers”.

“We’re having 1.7 million hectares of land in Queensland being locked up, being classified as of high conservation value, and no-one’s even come to check what kind of tree it is.”

Josie says if the proposed legislation goes ahead, it will have major effects on farmers and the nation.

“This is more than food on your table. There’s one last bastion of manufacturing jobs left in Australia and that is food processing.

“This is a direct attack on those jobs.”

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Adma farms cattle in Queensland, calling in to tell Ben the issue goes beyond the right to clear their land.

“We have a huge animal welfare issue brewing here.

“These people have no idea.”

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Image: Harry Spicer Twitter