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How to tackle overindulgence during Christmas

Resident Nutritionist Susie Burrell joins Chris Kenny to share her biggest tip on how to make it through the festive season without packing on the weight.

“Don’t let Christmas last six weeks.

“If we limit that overeating that will happen, then you will be able to enjoy what you like and you will come back the same weight as what you started.”

She also shared today’s ABS findings that seven out of eight Australians aren’t getting enough protein.

“We need to be more mindful of the choices we’re making when it comes to proteins because perhaps we aren’t getting it at the right time of the day.

“The protein we find in eggs, dairy, fish is what we call complete protein so it’s the right kind of protein for us.  So when you’re looking at breakfast, the best choice absolutely is eggs on toast.”

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