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How to ‘keep ourselves sane’ during the coronavirus pandemic

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At a time where our society has been upended with change, people are being urged to be kind to themselves.

Total Brain Limited CEO Louis Gagnon tells Alan Jones “mental and physical health are very intrinsically linked”.

He says people need to focus on putting things into perspective, practice meditation, or whatever makes them feel good, and maintain social connections.

“All of these things are very, very, key to keep ourselves sane and to be productive in this hard time.

“We need to stay alert and to keep our mind healthy and to get off this fight or flight mode as much as we can.

“We absolutely need to calm down and to reframe things to generate a new context so that we can live with the day that’s ahead of us, because the day that’s ahead of us is the only one we have.”

He says those aged over 60 are experiencing higher levels of anxiety.

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