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‘How can we be this stupid?’: Dick Smith slams plans for high-rise NSW schools

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The NSW Education Department has inadvertently confirmed the state’s ballooning population is a problem, with parents told they will be sending their kids to high-rise schools in the future.  

Parramatta’s Arthur Phillip School is already poised to adopt the vertical schooling model, with the school undergoing constructions to incorporate a 17-storey tower.

The move has been deemed necessary on the basis of lacking land availability, as one-third of NSW schools reach 100% to 150% capacity.

Big Australia opponent Dick Smith says this is another troubling sign of our unsustainable immigration rate.

“One of the great things about Australia is it’s a big country with not many people. So what we are going to do is completely wreck that and have all our children in these high-rise buildings,” he says.

“How can we be that stupid?”

Many commentators present overpopulation as if it is an inevitable fait accompli. But Smith insists we can turn it around.

“We are in charge. (They say) there is nothing we can do about it. But we have complete control of our immigration. If we cut it back from 200,000 a year, which is ridiculous, to 70,000 a year, we would stabilise our population and not have to put our kids in termite mines.”

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